Monday, May 27, 2024
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  • SB1 -- Voter ID This was not introduced by Speaker Rozzi, and the bill to require Voter ID was never voted upon. Voter ID is still a top priority of three Republicans especially Senator Mastriano who authored the bill. There is talk of a version of the bill that Governor Shapiro might accept in return for support of other issues in his agenda. The Legislative Committee continues to discuss opposition to Voter ID. 
  • Act 91 Sub Teacher shortage will see elements of this law expire after the 2022-23 year: o Enabling retirees to be hired as subs without calling on other non-retirees first o Uncapped sub time for prospective educators o Allowed subs to work longer than20 days w/out certification o Classroom monitors permitted with 60 credits or 3 years consecutive experience 
  • School Funding Equity Law Commonwealth Court found the funding system violates the Equal Protection of the Law clause. Lower wealth districts lack funding, courses, staffing, facilities, outcomes, state assessments, and student growth. 
  • Financial Literacy PSEA staff has had productive discussions with sponsoring members on the Hill. The main issue on the school level revolves around the type of curriculum, who would teach it and how it would affect the current curriculum.
  • Automated External Defibrillators HB 834 would require AED‟s to be placed in all schools and athletic events including practices. Districts must provide training on their use and develop an action plan. The PSEA Nurses Association supports the bill. A Position of Support and Seek Amendment was approved by the Committee. 
  • SB 1277 Sexually Explicit Contents in Schools This bill would allow parents to “opt in” to students accessing explicit materials. This again is an issue being pursued by Sen. Mastriano. Marie Dufalla, Committee member and a school librarian, met with Senate leaders to explain how librarians choose materials and their concerns about public perception of them as “groomers”. Dufalla explained the process of using professional reviews to check content since librarians sometimes do not have personal knowledge of books containing sensitive materials. Librarians use professional judgement and are concerned about what students read. Students hear of books on questionable sources -- like TikTok -- and then request those be placed in the library. . 

SB256 would allow Community Colleges to have 3 and 4 year programs and more freedom in course decisions. Programs would have to be approved by the Dept. of Higher Ed.

Steve Harmanos is the PSEA-Retired representative to the  PSEA Legislative Committee. Comments, questions or thoughts can be sent to:

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